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The Mission

At Nearme Yoga, we aim for Consistency and Community. We pride ourselves on outstanding teachers, and a wide offering of classes and services. Our goal is to make sure you to feel better then you came in. Our intentions are pure, our passion overflows and our brand allows yoga to sells itself. We are in competition with no one but ourselves to make sure we are constantly progressing. 

We bring a since of union to every member. Each client walks away feeling connected to the community and with a sense of overall well-being. Our yoga classes will make our clients day-to-day activities easier by reducing fatigue and the effects of stress while increasing overall strength and flexibility. We ensure you will always leave the studio feeling better than when you walked in. Nearme Yoga is on its way to being an all-inclusive wellness center with Services offered such as – Massage, Reiki, Chiropractic Care, Essential Oils, Angel card Readings, Kids Yoga, Teacher training, and of course many styles of yoga.

Nearme Yoga offers a state of the art studio featuring contemporary colors to soothe and energize, sometimes with a warm towel for after class, tea and plenty of parking.  We supply blankets, yoga straps, chairs, and blocks and also have mats available to $2. Stop by early to check out the Boutique for exclusive collaborations, yoga accessories, performance apparel, and must-have essentials.

We bring a small town atmosphere on the journey of discovering your true self. Our goal is to help you find both physical and mental ease.

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