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Ear Candling


Ear candling, a traditional therapy used by the Ancient Greeks, was popularised by the Hopi Indian Tribe of the American South-West.  The modern incarnation of the treatment is primarily based on the form used by the Hopi (meaning "Peaceful People") Indians who possess great medicinal knowledge and spirituality. The Hopi Nation are renowned for their extensive healing skills.

The original use of ear candles was for aura and spiritual cleansing for purifying. They were used to cleanse and harmonise the different energy fields of the body. Equally they were also used in initiation rituals and healing ceremonies. The importance and use of ear candles is illustrated in numerous ancient wall paintings including those found within the caves of the Grand Canyon.

Quite different from conventional wax candles, a Hopi Ear Candle is actually a cotton tube, impregnated with beeswax, honey and therapeutic oils, that is painlessly inserted into the ear to draw out impurities and relieve pressure in the head and sinuses.

How it works

Fully dressed the client lies down on their side, with their head supported on a pillow so the auditory canal is vertical.

The process involves placing a specially designed hollow candle just inside the ear canal, as far as is comfortable into the ear canal. Now known as Hopi Ear Candles, the hand-made structures are hollow tubes which contain honey, sage, St Johns Wort and camomile.

  • Chamomile – anti-inflammatory and gentle anti-spasmodic sedative

  • Sage - stimulates the lymph, increases circulation

  • St. John’s Wort - restorative tonic for the nervous system

The candle is then lit and the resulting gentle suction and vacuum draws the wax and impurities from the ear and produces a light suction action. This vacuum is caused by the warmed air from the flame and colder air moving through its hollow centre. The movement and compression between the ear canal and the candle chamber generate air flow acting like a chimney. The burning action infuses the herbs and essential oils into a vapour, which is drawn into the auditory canal. This performs a massaging function as well as softening any impurities.

A fire crackling sound may be heard and possibly some gentle popping. The rising air gently massages the ear drum and helps to regulate ear pressure. A small amount of ear wax is also removed during the treatment.

According to practitioners, the candles work like a chimney, drawing impurities out. Most are burned away, although some may be found in the candle wax residue or may appear on a cotton bud 24 to 48 hours after treatment. The column of warm air rising in the candle is said to massage the ear drum while pressure in the sinus cavities and ears is equalised. Most deposits evaporate and are carried away through the candle ‘chimney’. None of the candle residue actually goes into the ear.

Most of these are carried away through the candle chimney, although some of them can be found in the condensed candle residue after removal from the ear - or can even work their way up to the surface 24 to 48 hours later.

Who it benefits

Ear Candles can benefit conditions affecting the head and ears such as sinus congestion, ear noises and excessive earwax.

The rising air through the column of the candle and gentle natural movement of the flame serve to gently massage the ear drum. This has an immediate subjective effect of regulating ear pressure. Users often describe a soothing, light sensation in the ear/head area and a general calming, relaxing effect.

It is often used by people with:

  • Tinnitus

  • Sinusitis

  • Glue ear

  • Hayfever and rhinitis

  • Excessive ear wax

  • Colds

  • Tension headaches

  • Stress

Many people report an enhanced sense of smell and hearing which might take a few minutes to adjust to. 

Hopi ear candles should not be used if there is any inflammation or infection in the ear and are not suitable for people who have had recent ear surgery or those with ear grommets or tubes, perforated ear drums or allergies to any of the products in the candle.

New Services with Allie O'kane

  • Numerology Reading: $62 (1 hour) 

Description: Using an advanced system of numerology we will break the hidden code that creates a matrix in you by revealing your true purpose and life path, hidden talents, and abilities, plus any blocks to your happiness, abundance, and success.  This reading will include a full breakdown of how the numbers of your birthday relate to you as well as your Chinese astrology sign and how it affects the overall trajectory of your life. In addition, you will receive a 4 year personal reading. After booking please provide your entire birthdate. 


  • Astrology BIG 6: $80 (1 hour)

This reading will include a full breakdown of your personal birth chart. We will go through your “big 6” which includes your Sun, Moon, Ascendant, Mercury, Venus, and Mars. The intention is to empower you to enter into a deeper alignment with yourself, gain insight and new perspectives on your life, and heal and grow on this ongoing journey called human life. After booking please provide your entire birthday, exact time of birth, and location of birth (city/state).


  • Astrocartography: $80 (1 hour)

Are you looking to make a big change in your life? Or possibly wondering where the best place for you to travel based on astrology would be? This is the reading for you. In this reading we will use your birth chart laid over a map showing you where the best place to live, work, find love, gain more spiritual insight, and expand yourself. Conversely, we will also discover where you may face challenges in specific areas of the world and what are may be holding you back. You will be able to use this reading to help plan your next big move, vacation, or where you may find the love of your life or your life’s purpose. After booking please provide your entire birthdate, exact time of birth, and location of birth (city/state).


  • Full Natal Chart Analysis: $125 (1 1/2 hours)

Do you want to know EVERYTHING about your astrological make-up? This is the reading for you! We’ll go deep into every planet, transits, and asteroid to give you a full understanding of your life. Together we will discover your unique potential that you came into the world with, the strengths you possess as well as some of the potential challenges you might face. After booking please provide your entire birthdate, exact time of birth, and location of birth (city/state). 


  • Medical Astrology: $125 (1 hour)

Every planet in our natal chart is prone to dis-ease and together we will look how it may manifest in our bodies and how we can counteract the effects these specific planets have on us. The natal chart becomes a blueprint that enables us to better understand our constitution and how to find and apply appropriate avenues of holistic living for optimum mind/body health. It is not a diagnosis, but a suggestion of how or why certain individuals may experience different levels of health or illness and gives ideas of living that may enhance one’s well-being. After booking please provide your entire birthday, exact time of birth, and location of birth (city/state). 

  • Crystal healing: $80 (1 hour)

Welcome to the world of crystal healing alignments!  Crystal healing is an advance healing modality that works directly with the light and electromagnetic energy of the crystals and stones to assist in balancing all aspects of our being. The crystals energy infusion promotes balance and alignment, clearing of blocked energies, elevating mental awareness, and allowing entry into the subtle dimensions of consciousness, facilitating healing on all levels: physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. During your sessions we will start with an intake form to properly choose the crystals that will be most beneficial to you throughout your session. Using breathing exercises to increase prana energy in the body, you will be guided into a deep state of relaxation. The brain waves can quickly reach the alpha frequency which feels as a concentrated deep meditative state of mind- lucid yet dreamy. In altered states of consciousness, childhood trauma, deep forgotten traumas, and even past lives can be awakened from the memory banks and brought up to the conscious mind for re-evaluation, understanding, healing, and possible transformation. Additionally, a deep body/mind/spirit connection can occur and one’s own ability to heal itself can be activated. Crystals will then be placed on certain points of the body and you will relax with the crystals on you. I will continue to work the body to see where more healing is needed by infusing reiki energy into specific areas. Throughout the entire session you will be engulfed in sound healing to help relax you and maintain the deep meditative state needed to promote healing on all realms. At the end of the session I will make sure you are grounded and we will discuss a maintenance program for you to integrate the healing that took place into your daily life. 

Massage with James Nonnenburg
Massage with Nastasha Burdyn


30 min/$45.00

60 min/$75.00

75 min/$85.00

90 min/$95.00


CUPPING WITH MASSAGE (Only Monday & Fridays)

30 min/$55.00

60 min/$85.00

75 min/$95.00

90 min/$105.00



30 min/$45.00

60 min/$80.00

75 min/$95.00

90 min/$105.00



60 min/$85.00

75 min/$95.00

90 min/$105.00



60 min/$85.00

75 min/$95.00

90 min/$105.00

Special Events with Tara grossi
Sauna in Moosic PA

Spa Deluxe Package - includes a robe, body robe, towel, aromatherapy, water, wash cloth, soap, hair care, and the room for 1 hour. Sauna will start at 85 degrees.

1 Session for $39

5 Sessions for $150


Quick Fix Package - includes the room for 30 minutes and a towel.  This option will have the sauna already at 115 degrees. 

1 session $25

5 for $85

Reiki with Mandie
Medium "The Spirit Whisperer"
Energy Healing with Chelsea Manganaro
Healing Services with Mara Morrell
Essential Oils 
Heavy Metal & Juice Cleanses

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