Chelsea Manganaro

Chelsea Manganaro is the owner and Founder of Nearme Yoga, InfinitYOGA Teacher Training, NEPA Yoga festival and Nearme Cafe.  


Words from Chelsea “At this point, I have a hard time answering who I am and what I do for a living. I still hold a position as a financial analyst, but also run two studios, two large festivals, about 100 workshops and events a year, own commercial properties and apartments, flip houses, kids camps,a yoga teacher training and now a Cafe. My days are filled but I wouldn’t want it any other way.

‘Life is a process of becoming, a combination of states we have to go through’. That is what author and poet Anais Nin once said about life. My professional course is a living proof that I share her existential views. After many years in corporate America I started to witness myself and those around me changing, both physically as well as their personalities. At that point, I knew I needed to find a way to balance my life. This is when I decided to quit my job and move across the country, but that didn't keep my from learning more lessons. I moved back home in 2013 and back into the Corporate grid. I was able then to see that i needed to provide some of what i received in San Diego to NEPA.  So I decided to open the First Nearme Yoga in Moosic in 2014.Since then so much has chifted and changes, and everyday is a whirlwind of different hats.  In an old finance resume my summary read, ‘In a world of ceaseless innovation, I assert to adapt in my profession by continuously expanding on my career and creating a full spectrum of knowledge. ‘ I will continue to do this in all areas of my life and career, as a dreamer and a shaker.


  When I opened Nearme Yoga in 2014, I was looking to build a community, since then I met thousands of amazing people, started a festival, and now retreats. I also began a Yoga teacher training called INFINTYOGA with a dear friend Mara Morell from Mrida Seva Yoga.

Ultimately, I choose yoga to be my passion and my career; I choose to spread yoga to everyone in anyway possible. My dharma is to let yoga do the work and help soothe the chaos of this world.”
Workshops: Strength Yoga, Hip Hop Yoga, Partner Yoga, Yoga 101, 30 days to a New You, Happy Hour Yoga, Vino & Vinyasa, 7 week Charka Series, Beginner Series, Intermediate Series, 3 Month Kids Program with various workshops, Kids Camps, Kids Privates, Hands on Adjustments the appropriate way and Partner Play.

Interested in booking Chelsea? Call 570-840-3220 -or- email

If you have been searching for a certain class I would love to help create it for you, feel free to reach out about anything.

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