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Looking to make a deeper commitment to your yoga practice? Find yourself practicing more than twice a week? Our unlimited Membership gives you the ability to power up and truly commit to your practice. At Nearme Yoga, we aim for Consistency and Community. We pride ourselves on outstanding teachers, and a wide offering of classes and services. Our goal is to make sure you to feel better then you came in. Our intentions are pure, our passion overflows and our brand allows yoga to sells itself. We are in competition with no one but ourselves to make sure we are constantly progressing.

Membership includes:

  • Only $90 a month

  • Unlimited yoga

  • Bring a friend passes (by request) 3 total per year

  • $40 Reiki in Moosic

  • Access to 2 studios (Moosic, and Peckville)

  • Retail discounts

  • Free Special events

  • 6 month contract/ 12 month Lock in for rate

  • 20% off first mat purchase (lifetime)

Members can always:

  • Opt to freeze your account for up 1 month per each 6 month contract (nine if you’re pregnant). Your account will resume at the end of your freeze period at the same rate you originally signed up for.

-What people have to say about us-

“Tried Nearme Yoga while I was in Town and it is so so welcoming here.  The atmosphere is so relaxing and everyone was very friendly. I had put off trying yoga for so long worrying about not being able to keep up or feeling out of place amongst more experienced people in a class.. BUT the beginner class (instructor-Chelsea) here completely erased those worries and anxieties, I quickly signed up for 3 more classes (I would have done more if I still lived in the area or were in town longer). Definitely coming back when I am in town again and looking forward to some more advanced classes when I return as well as the Friday happy hour yoga  !  Definitely worth checking out this studio and some classes !!” – Tina Walsh


“Words can not express the positive energy and beauty found when you enter Nearme Yoga…Chelsea is uplifting and creates an atmosphere where all feel welcome…whether you are just beginning a yoga practice or a hard core yogi, Nearme Yoga will meet you where you are on your mat and help you grow in your practice.” -Melissa Cheslock


“As someone who had never practiced yoga, yet was always intrigued by it, I was happy to see this new studio opening last year. I tried it, loved it & have been going ever since! Chelsea & her staff are helpful, kind, thoughtful & have made me a yoga lover! All levels are welcomed & catered to. Do it…. Namaste” – Maria Wheatly

“I have a new found love for yoga within the last few months of practicing at Nearme. Chelsea, and all of her fellow instructors, are incredible. I have come such a long way within the last few months. The events that they have are absolutely amazing, and so much fun!! Before you decide that yoga is not for you, check out this place. And thank you so much to everyone who works there! You’ve been a godsend.” – Morgan Weidow


“In my first two months of attending classes with NearMe, I participated in a Beginners Series and then shortly after, a 30 day challenge. Both being amazing adventures! All instructors are passionate about their practice and helping you find yours. The 30 day challenge completely changed the way I feel emotionally and physically. The most noticeable change I saw after 30+ yoga classes in 30 days was the way I felt mentally. I went from a stressed out college student who never made time for myself, to a mindful post-graduate who feels confident in my future, because yoga has provided me with the tools I need to live a mindful life. I have developed a new outlook on life and lead a new style of life I plan to continue, here, with the NearMe community!” – Allyssa Marie

All real reviews from Yelp or Facebook!

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