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Are you ready to transform your life? Nothing Gives us more joy than to be able to spread our love to yoga to student who can then be the seeds to spread more flowers of this ancient tradition.  Our foundational 200-hour program will advance your practice, take you deeper into the many layers of yoga, build your confidence and help find your voice.  NOW it is both in person and virtual to allow you to take lectures at your own pace. Over the training, you will grow your practice, make lifelong friends, and of course learn to teach yoga! This program is designed for both those wanting to deepen their practice and for aspiring teachers.

200hr RYT Teacher Training Course
 Join both Nearme Yoga and Mrida Seva Yoga for the infinitYOGA 200hr Yoga Teacher Training (Yoga Alliance approved).
Based on traditional yogic teachings, the infinitYOGA Teacher training journey is designed to guide you through your spiritual journey and inner development as an experienced compassionate teacher of yoga.

InfinitYOGA  provides ongoing support and guidance as you step forth into your new journey as a teacher of yoga. One of the advantages of the training being led by multiple instructors is the exposure to various experiences and perspectives. Exploring the rich history of yoga in a realistic way and modern approaches to traditional ideas gives participants the opportunity to creatively uncover and sharpen their own ideas, which can then serve as a real foundation for sharing ones love of yoga with others.

Why choose InfinitYOGA TT School?

That is an individual choice.  We suggest you do your own research, take some of our classes, read the reviews of our students and make up your mind. 

The 200 hr Teacher Training program combines the yogic tradition of asana, with emphasis on alignment, sequence & flow. Integrating the ancient language of yoga, development through 8 limbs of yoga. Allowing the student to develop a personal yogic journey and enhancing spiritual journey.

The 200 hr Teacher Training program combines the yogic tradition of asana, with emphasis on alignment, sequence & flow. By integrating the ancient language of yoga, development through 8 limbs of yoga, allows the student to develop their personal yogic journey and enhancing spiritual journey.


•          Advanced study of asana (proper alignment, benefits and potential risks)

•          Principles of anatomy

•          Science and art of sequencing

•          Verbal cues and hands-on adjustments

•          How to observe bodies 

•          Informed use of props to improve or modify a posture

•          Cultivating your voice

•          Confidence-building through practice teaching

•          Yoga history and philosophy

•          Sanskrit names of postures

•          The Business of Yoga

This introductory intensive will provide you with a strong foundation to practice, observe, and teach the following:

•             warm-up vinyasa

•             sun salutations; step backs & surya namaskar A, B

•             basic standing poses

•             basic balancing poses

•             simple back bends

•             hip openers

•             forward bends

•             basic twists

•             shoulder stand and plow

•             savasana

Most importantly guiding you to find your "voice", enabling you to stand in your "truth" and providing you the loving support of your yoga community.  The goal of InfinitYOGA Teacher training is to provide you with a positive, spiritual life changing experience that will flow through you, uplifting your life and changing those that connect to your developing teaching skills. You will leave being comfortable leading a class.


-$200 for early bird special or paid in full-Click here to put: deposit in now for discount. 

-$50 Voucher if you attend one info session

-$50 if you are a committed member of either studio


TOTAL coming to $2000



-NEW THIS TRAINING - We are happy to offer work exchange for payment. Please contact us for more information.

-Flexible Payment Plans

-50 free classes of yoga at any Nearme Yoga or Mrida Seva ($700 Value)

-15% off all product at Nearme Moosic, Peckiville, &  Mrida Seva

-25% of one mat during the training

-Member pricing for workshops

-Yoga Portraits & Headshots to use to promote yourself after the training ($150 Value)

Schedule will be posted on Facebook group

Apply for infinitYOGA Teacher Training

BY submitting this application, it does not automatically mean you are accepted , additional information or interview may be required. You will be asked to perform outside work, and practice outside of the training in order to fulfill all requirements. You are signing up for a VINYASA style training with Mara Morell & Chelsea Manganaro, other instructors may be invited to share knowledge. By completing this form you are acknowledging and accepting that you are indemnifying all instructors during the training of any potential injuries or misfortune that may result due to this training, before & after. InfinitYOGA TT is a registered through Yoga Alliance only. MM & CM have the right to deny anyone of this certification if requirement are not met, or either deem the candidate unfit to teach a yoga class. 

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