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Nearme Yoga was created in 2014 by Chelsea Manganaro, owner and founder.  Chelsea moved home from San Diego and couldn't find her yoga "home," so she created one. She grew up in a family of small business owners, and always wanted to open an Italian restaurant called "Nearme." Although not an Italian restaurant,  Nearme Yoga was the culmination of that idea. Nearme Yoga quickly grew to 4 locations, 100s of events a year, a yearly festival, retreats and a cafe. 


Although, a lover of yoga, Chelseas' backround is finance, and contract negotiations and spent most of her adult years in corporate America. She used her experience to grow and manage the businesses. The success of the business is gaged off of how many people continue to call Nearme home.


Nearme Yoga holds no expectations of the outcome of the business, and continue to hold a space for anyone that’s willing to walk through the door.  Nearme Yoga is a community of like-minded people that help each other heal, grow, connect and have fun.


In 2014, Chelsea purchased the building where the first Nearme Yoga was housed. Since then has added a cafe into that same location to expand the community from yoga to healthy eats. Nearme Yoga plans to open another location in NEPA and developmenta franchise plan to scatter studios and cafes all over the US. The original idea of Nearme Yoga was to be "Near me, Near everyone." 


Nearme Yoga also founded, and runs the NEPA Yoga festival that is at Montage Mountain yearly and has grown from 200 people to over 700 and is on track to double in the next few years. 


NEPA Yoga Festival is one of the only events in NEPA that solely is to bring awareness of business that promote healthy living. It is sponsored and run by Nearme Yoga, and brings together hundreds of people to "connect through abundance," which is the slogan of the event. NEPA Yoga festival brings in other small business to expand their markets throughout NEPA. The festival also donates a portion of their profits and offer non-profits discounted sponsorship and tables at the event. 


Nearme Yoga also runs over 20 donation classes a year, totaling over $3k in donations to local Non-profits and charities. We also do a clothing drive once a year, and a food drive for St Michaels food kitchen. 


Chelsea also teaches at local schools and sports teams throughout the Lackawanna county. She is passionate about introducing mindfulness and yoga to as many children as possible.


Nearme Yoga offers a unique look into small business that is innovative in this area. We are constantly coming up with unique and fun events to bring new people in the door and to keep our current members engaged. Nearme Yoga is constantly growing in an ever changing and popular market to bring a community of people together who might have never had the opportunity to meet. 


Nearme Yoga will be celebrating their 5 year anniversary this year, and couldn't be prouder! We have created all of this without debt and even doing the construction ourselves. This is a small business tr

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